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Hints For Sum Moves

Hints and Tips


- Spin as high on your back as possiblee

- Try to make the "spinning-point" as ssmall as possible

- You should feel the drive in your leggs

- If you feel the drive in your legs (tthis happens when you are fast and stable enough), you can try to spin faster by closing them more and more - Try to do it out of a windmill (then you can spin really fast and quit a long time)


- Keep your legs spread

- Keep your hip always on the same high (in the front not too high, else you will fall down in the back..)

- Take the drive with the leg which is nearer the ground..

- Make fast changes in the front and inn the back with your legs and your hip:

The leg which was nearer the ground is after the change high in the air..

- Be also quick with your hands (placemment)

- When you are in the back, never look to the front but try to look at the floor and try to push your hip upwards. This will help you to keep your hip high and thus you won't hit the floor with your legs. And you will also have enough space for taking drive to the next turn!


- Keep your body in one line, actually focus on keeping your legs centered above your head (not tiping in front or behind your body)

- Spread your legs. Balance and take drrive with your hands(when you kick your legs again put your hands down breefly for balance) - Try to be as constant as possible witth the hand-placement (time between puttin your hands down)

- Begin slowly and increase your speed gradually

- If your leg suddenly dips down, try tto angle your leg a little bit

- If you feel the drive in your legs (tthis happens when you are fast and stable enough), you can try to spin without your hands..(but remember control is the key)

- The most important thing: Practise aggain and again for getting the feeling of balancing on the head and also for getting the muscles in the neck, as well as your "sweet spot," this is the spot you spin on and feel comfortable


- First you must know that this move iss one of the most difficult ones to do repetdly. You need a lot of practice and feeling to be able to do it..

- Practice the handstand alot so that yyou get a certain feeling of being on your hands and also the power to hold yourself. If you can't stand for a certain time you can support yourself at a wall by doing the handstand right next to it.

- First get on both of your hands. Thenn take drive with your legs and displace the weight on the hand you want to spin on

- Your arm (on which you spin) should bbe in one line with your body (near to your head)

- Take care that your legs take equablee drive (else you don't spin on one point and you fall down)


this move you must be able to balance on both of your hands!

- Do only little steps with your hands at the beginning of the rotation

- Don't forget to breath!! (This may sound funny, but if you do not breath, you will always suddenly end up with the move and you don't know why)

- Try to find a certain cadence (rhythmm) and be as constant as possible

and remember that there is a rythem to doin em. it isn't 1, 2, 1, 2, it's more like 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2


(Continues Backspin) The most important things:

- Spread your legs and keep them stiff (the muscles have to be strained)

- Start on your hands and not on your bback

- Go from the hands onto your shoulder and not onto the side of your back or onto your hip!

- Try to be as high as possible when yoou are turning over your back. It would be perfect if you turn only over your shoulders. But for that you have to be fast enough..

- Try to turn over your head, but put iit early on the floor. Go with your head to the floor when you are on the back or at the latest on the side. When you are in front it's too late and you will hit the floor with your head

There are different possibilities to improve the speed of your windmill:

- Try to take drive with your hip

- Angle your legs a little bit

- Turn all the time and take drive mainnly with your hip and your upper part of the body

- Practice again and again and thus impprove your technique..

Hope this helps... if it helped you tell me in the guest book!


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