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Guide to Headspins (

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Written By: B-Boy Sparkz

WARNING!! This guide will help guide you in a safe direction to headspinning, This is one move that is not to be fooled around with for it can cause serious injury including paralysis or even death. Attempt headspins at your own risk!


Now headspins are not as hard as everyone believes they are. They are one of the easiest power moves to learn and with the proper instruction and training you can be spinning within a couple months. Now this is not a move you want to fool around with, These aren't windmills or 1990's where you can try and hold on for that extra rotation, When you are attempting drills and headspins do not try and go for that extra spin, if you are about to fall then fall. You can seriously hurt yourself if you ignore this and try and stay on your head when your falling and trying to get one extra spin, Please take note that when you are spinning, you're body is spinning as a whole piece, now if your head were to suddenly stop then you must get those hands down and stop yourself even if your falling, Once again, if you try and stay for that extra rotation when you do not have control, if you do not stop yourself from spinning when you start to fall, your head may stop spinning but your torso wont and the momentum will snap your neck like a twig. I am sorry if that sounds bad but expect the worse and be careful. I have put together this guide to help you on your journey to headspins, plus all the other guides on the net are the blinking same! I will teach you how to control your balance and stability which is the most important part of headspins, I will also go over how to successfully tap. Enjoy!



Now this is your head you are spinning on and your neck is going to be supporting your entire body weight. Now the average people here weigh I would say about 150 pounds we'll say. Now I want you to know how much weight is gonna be strained on your neck. If you have weights at home, Try and bench press 150, or lift it with one hand. Or see how long you can hold it above your head, not on your head, meaning lift it above your head and hold it. Pretty heavy sh*t!! Now that's how much weight approximately that your neck is gonna support so I want you to condition a week before you start spinning.

Everyday, get into a headstand and hold it for at least 5 minutes, you can watch TV while doing it. You will really feel it and this helps a great deal to prepare you for headspinning. Now I know no one will listen to me and go right to spinning cause we are all cowards but I strongly urge you to do this a week before hand. Now holding a headstand for 30 minutes is not necessary. You may feel a burning sensation in your chest, this is from your spinal chord, you are actually compressing your vertabre so you may feel some shooting pains just between the rib cage. It will go away, If it is very bad and cuncomfortable then you can relieve the pressure by lying down on your back on the floor and pushing your head back against the floor, you will feel the pain go away because you are simulating the weight again, now just slowly lift the head and the pain should stay away. Ah, okay, enough of this garbage, lets learn to spin!!

Learning To SPIN

Controlling your body, (balance and stability)

Now, we will learn how to keep balanced and remain stable when you are headspinning. Now I am going to assume you know how to tap, if you don't then you can continue to read cause this is useful information, jus read up on how to tap later on in this chapter. Now there are too many people writting wack guides that are jus so full of shit or are have true but you read them and still wonder why you fall even though you have followed everything. it's because they assume you know as much as the writter so he only writes basic crap information down that your grandmother could have told you. There are two many guides that tell you to kick and whip your legs here and there. Well thats advanced techniques and they are not suited for begginners, the truth is you don't have to whip, kick or fling your legs in any way. The spin is generated by your taps, whipping the legs just gives you faster starts and faster spins which you can learn later after you master spinning.

Now all a headspin is, is a spinning headstand. Thats it! Nothing more, nothing less! I want you to always keep this in mind, Every time you hit the floor, remember, it is nothing more then a spinning headstand without hands. So what I want you to do is find the most comfortable position in a headstand with your legs spread and you are well balanced. When you are comfortable. Freeze that position, thats your headspinning position from now on! Okay, it is to fit your comfort, don't try and copy someone else, be comfortable in your position whether your legs are bent a bit or straight, who cares, worry bout form later.

Now when you have found your position you have to lock your legs, ya gotta get your whole body stiff as a board. Tense your tummy muscles, tense the legs, tense the neck (very important) keep the neck tensed. The more tensed you are the more control you will feel. Now, slowly lift those hands and start to turn yourself, Now keep stiff when you are doing this, remember, the move hasn't changed, all you are doing is spinning a headstand. Now learn to turn carefully and slowly and begin to speed it up a bit. Start tapping if you can, lifting the hands spinning and keeping tense, remember it's a spinning headstand. When you begin to fall jus catch yourself. Now this will give you amazing control and a sense of feel for the headspin, when you get better you can start to relax the legs a bit when you learn to balance better. You can even whip the legs and get going faster, now when you feel a pulling in your legs which is also called drive, you may lift the hands and focus on spinning, when you first lift the hands, focus on remaining solid and keeping that balanced position throughout the spin. All it is, is a no handed spinning headstand. It is very important to keep the neck stiff. If you fall then put the hands down and stop yourself. Keep practicing every day and you will be headspinning in no time.



Wanna learn to tap huh?? Ah, it's easy! All you are basically doing is spinning around and catching yourself, then pushing off again with the hands and turning yourself. All the speed and spin comes from tapping. It's like turning a bike upside down and spinning a tire, when the tire begins to slow down you can tap it and it will speed up. It is a bit similar to this.

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1) Shut up, I know helmets are geeky but what do you expect me to spin on, on carpet. They are great for learning if your willin to fork out about $40.00. All she is is a normal skateboarding helmet which you can pick up just about any bike shop or skate shop.

2) Okay, get your big head on tha ground and get into a headstand. Now I am spinning counter clockwise so if you spin clockwise then jus reverse the lefts....your not stupid you know the routine!

2.jpg (25130 bytes)

1) Yah!! Look at sparkz making a fool outta himself!!! LOSER!!!!!! lol

2) Okay, now you do not have to be in the exact same position as me, this is what I feel comfortable is so get in your headstand position and split your legs in a way that are comfortable for you, Well read the balance and control section!!

3) You are going to start with your hands on the floor and you are going to push off in the direction you are spinning. Remember, the legs don't do jack so don't worry bout em, jus keep em stiff along with your entire body (yes!! and the neck!) jus use your hands to push off.

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1) Dun worry, jus an extra picture, I am jus pushing off now, See, not much to see so next picture please!

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1) Airbourne!!!!! Now comes the akward part where ya gotta learn ta go for your next tap. What you actually have to do is keep as stiff as possible and keep the position your in but your upper body, the part with the arms, is actually gonna have to twist around so you can plant your hands for the next tap. This is a bit akward but is actually easy when you get the hang of it, Try it, stand up and jus turn your upperbody, thats all ya do, jus your upside down when ya do it.

2)Try to remain stiff so you are still nice and stable. This is where you will most likely loose your balance the first few times.

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1) Notice how my torso is now twisted after twisting my upperbody, What ya wanna do after you twist is just put your hands on the ground, Try not too lean into it too much, If your ever falling or starting to fall then go for a tap by catching the ground and re balancing yourself out by continuing the spin and tapping until stable.

2) Now if I were power spinning then I could grab the ground and whip the legs and untwist them so they pull me around, Thats for speeding em up, when learning I don't suggest this. If you are doing whip turns then everytime you go to tap, try and get it so your driving leg which is my right, make sure it is inline with the space between your arms when you tap, this way you get a full whip, Keep twisting and try to get back into that position with tapping until you are spinning so fast you can't keep up with it and you jus have to go with the flow and spin. Do not try this until you are good enough.

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1) Now I didn't whip my leg, all I did was let them untwist my body on their own because they will still be moving while you are tapping. Now keep a hold of the ground until you feel your leg start to pull you, then push off the ground and go for your next tap.

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1) Once again I am twisting around to grab the ground for another tap. As you get better with your taps, try to tap closer to your face so you remain completly vertical and try to tap using just your finger tips, It will help a lot.

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1) Notice how my right leg is once again inline with the space between my arms. This is a good full tap. You may have to tap every second or every spin or every 3 spins, depends but try to keep your taps in a good pattern thus improving your technique.

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Just continue from there, Now that is just tapping, it is not headspining, please refer to the control section to learn how to balance and stabalize your spin. You may suprise yourself and nail continuous headspins. Hope this guide has given you a different look on headspinning.

B-Boy Sparkz


1) Keep your body as stiff as possible

2) With a helmet people tend to relax a bit more and get hurt more often, they forget to keep their neck stiff so dun get lazy!!

3) All a headspin is, is a spinning headstand without hands

4) When whipping the legs keep the body stiff, The stiffer the body is, the more sense of control you will feel.

5) Get a geeky helmet to practice with then learn em with a touque or hat.

6) Practice everyday

7) Be careful with drills, you will get more spins but it is very dangerous cause it isn't controlled, Try to stay balanced, whip the legs together and keep the neck very very stiff!